Portugal’s largest bathroom company acquired

On December 17, sanindusa, one of the head sanitary ware enterprises in Portugal, changed its equity. Its shareholders, Amaro, Batista, Oliveira and Veiga, acquired the remaining 56% equity from the other four families (Amaral, Rodriguez, Silva and Ribeiro) through s zero ceramicas de Portugal. Previously, Amaro, Batista, Oliveira and Veiga jointly held 44% equity. After the acquisition, they will have 100% controlling equity.

Due to the epidemic, the acquisition negotiation lasted for two years. During this period, the company obtained the investment of the fund under Iberis capital, which currently holds 10% of the shares.

Sanindusa, founded in 1991, is one of the main participants in the sanitary ware market in Portugal. It is export-oriented, 70% of its products are exported, and grows through organic growth and acquisition growth. In 2003, sanindusa Group acquired unisan, a Spanish sanitary ware enterprise. Subsequently, sanindusa UK Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary in the UK, was established in 2011.

Sanindusa currently has five factories with more than 460 employees, covering sanitary ceramics, acrylic products, bathtub and shower plate, faucet accessories.

Post time: Dec-31-2021